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At CMI (Computer Mate Inc.), we take pride in offering unparalleled support for our flagship software, Medisoft. We are dedicated to providing customers with exceptional satisfaction and attention to detail. With over 30 years of experience, our team ensures that you receive award-winning support tailored to your needs.

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From all inclusive cloud support to flexible hourly options, choose the plan that fits your needs for unparalleled assistance. Tailor your Medisoft experience with our diverse Support Options.

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Cloud Support
(Included with Medisoft Network Pro Cloud)

When you subscribe to Medisoft Network Pro Cloud, you unlock a seamless support experience without any additional cost. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with inclusive support, making your monthly subscription an all-encompassing solution.

Benefits of Cloud Support
  • Never worry about additional support costs, as your Monthly subscription includes unlimited support.
  • Expert Engineers focused on on-going, preventive maintenance, which leads to fewer support issues.
  • Free Medisoft version upgrades to keep up with Industry regulations.
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows.
  • Automated backups to safeguard your data.
Free with Network Pro Cloud
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Pay As You Go Support

Medisoft users who choose to host the software on their own computer (are not using the Nework Pro Cloud Option) can still receive quality support when needed through pay as you go hourly support. Simply call our support department and a support engineer will troubleshoot and provide a resolution to your issue. Hourly support is billed at an hourly rate of $150, with a 30 minute minimum support charge.

Benefits of Hourly Support
  • Pay for support on an as needed basis.
  • Access to support Engineer with same level of expertise as Network Pro Cloud Engineers.
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Prepaid Support

Medisoft users who purchase a prepaid bundle of support hours may do so at a discounted hourly rate, and will have 12 months to use the prepaid support hours. This option allows users who are not on Nework Pro Cloud access to the same quality support while paying a less hourly rate than the pay as you go option.

Benefits of Prepaid Support
  • Pay for the number of support hours you will need.
  • Pay for support at a discounted rate.
  • No minimum support time requirements. Support time is deducted by actual minutes used.
  • Prepaid Support hours may be applied towards other services such as training, or report design.
5 hour support bundle: $625 ($125/hour)
10 hour support bundle: $1,100 ($110/hour)
15 hour support bundle: $1,350 ($90/hour)
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Monthly Support Plan

Our monthly support option is designed to provide our Non-Network Pro Cloud users with the closest level of Data management and software maintenance enjoyed by our Network Pro Cloud users, while still including a bundle of monthly support time. For a fixed monthly fee of $125 users can enjoy all of the benefits listed below, as well as 5 hours of monthly support.

Benefits of Monthly Support Plan
  • Our Engineers will provide remote, regularly scheduled, preventive maintenance of your data and Medisoft software. This includes, database maintenance, software updates, and file repair which can lead to a number of support issues and downtime if not performed regularly.
  • Scheduled remote backup of your data to counter loss of data resulting from hardware failure, user errors, and other causes.
  • 5 hours of monthly support.
  • Same fixed monthly fee regardless of the number of users.
FAQs - Your Questions Answered
Find answers to common queries about Medisoft, pricing, and support in our FAQs.
Is support included with the monthly subscription?

Yes, support is included only with the monthly subscription for Medisoft Network Pro Cloud.

Can I purchase support hours without committing to a monthly plan?

Absolutely! We offer options on an as needed basis as well as prepaid support options.

What is the Monthly Support Package Plan?

It’s a monthly subscription offering on-going remote support for preventive maintenance, nightly backups, software updates, as well as a set amount of support hours per month.

Can I switch between support options as my needs change?

Certainly! We understand that needs evolve, and our support options are designed to adapt with you.

Is there a free support period when you first buy the program?

Yes, there is a 30 day free support period when you purchase the software and pay for installation.