Medisoft Advanced

Medisoft Advanced is the premier choice for small practices or billing companies committed to comprehensive practice management, designed for single-user access. This advanced version surpasses basic scheduling and claim submission, offering robust features for managing payment postings, statement dispatches, and overdue balance follow-ups. It comes equipped with complete reporting capabilities, providing users with all the tools necessary to effectively oversee the entire billing cycle!

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Medisoft Advanced
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Records
  • 547 Reports
  • Basic Patient Accounting
  • Basic Office Hours Scheduling
  • Insurance and Patient Billing
  • Single User License (1 Device)
  • Available for Windows OS
  • Any Specialty* (Not including Dental Practices)
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration*
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Medisoft Plans
Comparison Chart
See how Medisoft Basic compares to other available options.
Data Entry
Data Entry Medisoft Basic Medisoft Advanced Medisoft Network Pro Medisoft Network Pro Cloud
Customizable Data Entry Grids
On-demand Intake Forms  
Set Default Data Fields  
Customized Data Screens  
Patient Quick Entry  
Required Fields on Patient Entry  
Edit/Enter Patient Notes from Quick Ledger  
Trasaction Entry Sortable Grids  
Scan Insurance Cards Directly to Patient Chart    
Enter Patient Insurance Info From INS Card Scan (OCR)    
Post Changes From Mobile App or Interfaced EHR  
Create Patient Chart from Eligibility Request  
Transaction Entry Alerts  
Cloud Medisoft Basic Medisoft Advanced Medisoft Network Pro Medisoft Network Pro Cloud
Online Medisoft Training via Medisoft University      
Cloud Data Backup      
Personalized Coaching/Training Included      
All Updated Included      
Available Anywhere with Internet Connection      
HIPAA/Security Medisoft Basic Medisoft Advanced Medisoft Network Pro Medisoft Network Pro Cloud
HIPAA Security Ready
User Access History Reporting
5 Levels of Permissions and Security  
Task Scheduler for Backup and File Maintenance
Workflow Administrator  
Multimedia Storage    
Appointment Scheduling/ Patient Registration
Appointment Scheduling/ Patient Registration Medisoft Basic Medisoft Advanced Medisoft Network Pro Medisoft Network Pro Cloud
Basic Appointment Scheduler
Print Superbills
Professional Appointment Scheduler  
Electronic Insurance Eligibility Verification  
Schedule Automatic Batch Eligibility Verification  
Enter Payments Directly from Appointments Scheduler  
Integrated Appointment Reminder System  
Online Patient Appointment Scheduling  
Accounting/ Receivables/ Chart Management/ Collections
Accounting/ Receivables/ Chart Management/ Collections Medisoft Basic Medisoft Advanced Medisoft Network Pro Medisoft Network Pro Cloud
Electronic Remittance Processing (ERA´s)  
Cleanup Utility For Adjusting Off Aged Balances
Color-coding Transactions and Quick Ledger  
Cycle Billing  
Rules-based Collection Worklist  
Task or Date-driven Collection Workflow  
On-demand Collection letters  
Automatic Small Balance Write-offs  
Missed Copay Tracking  
Integrated Credit Card Processing  
Patient Credit Card Payments 24/7 Via Internet
Credit Card Payment Plans
Quick Receipt and Quick Statement  
Patient Color Flagging  
Quick Ledger View  
Rules Based worklist for Daily Office Tasks  
Word Processor to Generate Letters/Forms/Notes (Final Draft)  
Accounts Receivable (AR) Tasklist  
Assign AR Status To Patient  
Timely Filing Calculator  
Batch Posting of Payments from Deposit List Screen  
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Maximize the potential of your Medisoft Advanced Plan by complementing it with our flexible support solutions. Whether you opt for hourly support or monthly retainer support, you can seamlessly integrate these options with Medisoft Advanced. Ensure that your growing practice benefits from top-notch assistance and guidance tailored to your specific needs.

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Medisoft FAQs
Find answers to common queries about Medisoft, pricing, and support in our FAQs.
Can I use Medisoft to do hospital billing?

Yes, Medisoft will also print to a UB-04 form.

As a biller, do I need a Medisoft license for each practice I bill for?

Absolutely not.  Any of our Medisoft options allows you to service an unlimited number of practices with a single license.

What happens to my data if I decide to cancel my subscription to the cloud version?

In addition to providing you a backup of your data, we will maintain a copy of your data on the server for six months (for your security), unless you request immediate deletion of the data.

If I already own an older version of Medisoft, can I still choose the cloud version instead of upgrading?

Yes, transitioning from a purchased copy to the Medisoft cloud is fairly simple.  We would just need a copy of your existing data to transfer to the server.

If I schedule a patient in Office Hours do I have to enter the chart again to bill in Medisoft.

Both programs use the same practice database.  When information is entered in one, it is automatically shared in the other.